Meet Sky Wilcoxson

Sky Wilcoxson was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He is a U.S. Navy Veteran, Nutritional Therapist, and NeuroGen Brain Balancing Practitioner. After writing a research paper on the use of neurofeedback in schools, he began a lifelong journey fueled by his passion for helping people. Sky specializes in PTSD, Addiction, and Depression. When he isn’t helping humans, he spends time with his dog, Tavi, a Belgian Malinois, who’s a faithful companion on trail runs and hikes. 


To empower individuals to optimize their lives and revitalize their health through the integration of nutritional therapy and neurofeedback, fostering holistic well-being and sustainable lifestyle transformations.


Nutrition Revitalized envisions a world where every individual has the knowledge, tools, and support to unlock their full potential, reimagining their lives with vitality and resilience.